What we buy

  • Scrap Car

    Where to scrap my car in Camberley?

    Don’t worry, every car becomes a scrap car at some point! If your car has reached the end of its life, we will come to you and collect your scrap car no matter what condition it’s in. With over 20 years experience in the industry, you won’t find anyone that can beat our prices, or collect your car as quickly.

  • Damaged Car

    Wondering ‘where to sell my damaged car?’

    We can collect your car no matter if it’s a Cat C/D, N or S, we can collect damaged cars, write off damage, flood damage, fire damage or any other kind of car damage.

  • Faulty Car

    Are you thinking ‘who will buy my faulty car?’

    Look no further! We will buy your faulty car no matter the issue is. Most of our faulty cars typically have timing belt issues, blown head gaskets, engine faults, mechanical issues or gearbox faults. Got a fault no listed? We don’t mind, we’ll buy your car with any faults.

  • Failed MOT

    Nobody likes that call when you’re told your car has failed MOT, but don’t worry! If it’s too expensive to fix your MOT failure, we will buy your car without an MOT.

    We can send your payment, collect your car from the garage and deal with all paperwork. You don’t need to move off the sofa – we will do everything for you!

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